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Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™
#1 Rated Cutting Edge CUSTOM Nutrition Software
This product has a PHENOMENAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT as it only takes a couple of clients to regain your investment, and from there on you are operating at pure profit for the rest of the year. 
A license to use our Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™ is available for $900.00 for the initial year, and you have the option to renew your license for $499.00 per year or $59.95 per month after that. Want to renew at a lower price per year? Great, when it is time for you to renew, the more years you purchase up front, the lower the per year cost. If you are one of ENW's Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist graduates, call our office for special pricing.
Here are just a few highlights of what the Software can do:
  • Fully Customizable - with your logo, background color and custom URL, as well as ability to add foods & exercises, and "hide" specific foods from all clients or from specific clients (great feature for pre contest & food sensitivity diets)!
  • Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™ - includes all supporting files, and handouts needed to run a successful nutrition business.
  • Get Started Instruction Videos - Quick Start Guide video and PDF, as well as over the shoulder, step-by-step instructional videos to get you up and running right away!
  • Quick Start Screen Share Session - Up to one hour one-on-one screen share session with Lucho Crisalle to walk you through the software features, show you how to customize it for your needs and have all your questions answered by the creator of the software himself!
  • Access to complete Nutrition Seminar presented by Lucho Crisalle, CEO - shows how to present to large groups and enroll individuals into your nutrition program.
  • Optional Upgrades - Add additional functions to the software - Scroll below the green Get Instant Access to the Software Now! button for a list of optional upgrades below (included options are listed towards bottom of page).
OPTIONAL Customization Upgrades:
Add Additional Functions to the Software
Choose as many options below to truly make the software your own...
CUSTOM ZIG ZAG Annual plan
Annual Renewal - INCLUDES 2 Months FREE
  • Custom Programs for Competitors:
  • Bodybuilders
  • Figure & Bikini Competitors
  • Carb Depletion/Carb Loading Cycle Meal Plans
  • Easily Break Through Plateaus
Annual Renewal - INCLUDES 2 Months FREE
& Embed TWO SITES!!!
  • Seamless embedding/integration of:
  • Shopping Carts, Membership Sites
  • MLM Replicated Sites
  • Websites/Forums/Scheduling Programs, etc.

Employer dashboard
Billed every 365 days
  • Unique Employer Dashboard
  • Maintain Complete Control Over:
  • -Your Certified Employee Login Credentials
  • -Your Certified Employee Usage
  • -Ability to Immediately ReAssign Clients from One Employee to Another
Billed every 30 days
  • Custom Programs for Competitors:
  • Bodybuilders
  • Figure & Bikini Competitors
  • Carb Depletion/Carb Loading Cycle Meal Plans
  • Easily Break Through Plateaus
Billed every 30 days.
  • Seamless embedding/integration of:
  • Add/Hide Meals, Food, Supplements, Exercises
  • Shopping Carts, Membership Sites
  • MLM Replicated Sites
  • Websites/Forums/Scheduling Programs, etc.
What Works Custom Nutrition Software FEATURES:
  • YOUR Nutrition Philosophy + Our Technology: plug in your nutrition philosophy into our system to simplify your business, increase revenue, save you time and headaches and increase profit.
  • Produce Stunning Reports and Charts: to Forecast & Track Client Results.
  •  Nutrition Modifier:  EZ Click & Choose Technology allows your clients to swap foods on the go and maintain your macronutrient requirements.
  • Fitness Impact Science: account for impact of fitness on nutritional goals.
  • Unlimited number of clients (we do NOT charge you per client or per plan- one license covers you for as many clients and plans as you like).
  • Completely Responsive Design: No need for an App to access the program on your phone or tablet
INCLUDED Customizations Provide You The Ability To:
  • Create Unlimited Folders: to organize your clients by location, expiration date, competition, diet type, etc.
  • Create Custom Nutrition Plans: based on YOUR Nutrition Philosophy
  • Create Custom Nutrition Plan TEMPLATES: to create meal plans with just 2 clicks of the mouse
  • Create Meal Plans consisting of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7+ meals.
  • Add Foods to our Foods Database.
  • Hide a Specific Food from a specific client.
  • Hide a Specific Food from ALL clients.
  • Add Custom Food Categories (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, etc).
  • Add and Hide Food Categories. Choose what your clients see!

  • Add "Calorie Yielding Supplements" such as meal replacements, etc. right into the meal plan.
  • Create your own Supplements Database.
  • Create Supplement Regimen Templates.
  • Apply Supplement Templates to clients' plans with a single mouse click.
  • Add Custom Exercises to Exercises database.
  • Track client progress using one of 8 body composition options (Jackson-Pollock 3, 4 & 7 sites, Sloan, Parillo, Slaughter/Lohman, US Navy (measuring tape) and "Other" (InBody, Tanita, BIA, etc.).
  • Track client progress using circumference measurements.
  • Add confidential client notes.
  • Control client access.

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